Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ventricular Septal Defect

We had put Pepper's neutering off because of his pneumonia battle, that was inexplicably combined with a persistant problem with loose stools. The need to make a choice to have Pepper neutered became crucial, so the procedure was scheduled to happen after an ultrasound scheduled for this morning, to check a suspected heart murmur. This murmur has now, with the ultrasound, been officially diagnosed as ventricular septal defect. This disease has been progressing quite quickly in the short time we have known Pepper, based upon signs of quick exhaustion, for example, and when the decision was made to go ahead for his neutering, the vet discovered that if it hadn't been done today, Pepper would not have been likely to survive having this procedure done. This was a big day in his little life, and I am very glad it is over as he recovers peacefully between 'Uncle' Hamlet, and 'Uncle' Thumper. The old boys are happy to oblige.

As Pepper's disease progresses, we are adding notes to the bottom of this blog.

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