Friday, March 28, 2008

Early Days - Lifetime #3

These photos were kindly provided by Pepper's former home at the veterinary office.

Pepper learned social skills early as Melissa tends to have a collection of active strays in tow. Sometimes it is hard to remember that she is basically a dog person. ;-)

These two photos show the activities that attracted our attention around using Pepper as a possible catalyst for 'sedentary' beings lolling around our house. The photo below is the other slightly older tabby, (white markings), with one of the two calico twins that were in residence during Pepper's stay. He was happy to herd all three of the other kittens at the same time if he could possibly get them to join the "sheep dog" game with him. While we were watching he had them all running through the arm holes in the chairs to escape him... he has a habit of chasing the others with his front legs on the backs of his victims, so I envision them attempting to scrape him off their backs with this move.

Veterinary Diet for Important Kittens below:

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